The Flooding of Drift

The Flooding of Drift
As the waters went down, we realise the loss

30 January 2011

5 Dollars!!!

Is it not enough?  Is it too much?  Does it seem like if you only donate 5 dollars, it's not enough to make it worth it?   IT IS!!!   If you would only see that the smallest amount does make a difference if enough people do the same... it will make a world of difference. 

I don't know how to stress enough the difference you can make.... if you only direct deposit $5... and ask your friends to do the same.....

This is all I ask, for the help of an amazing place that was just on the verge of making it!!! But it was all taken away!!!  Please just consider the small amount that can make a huge difference!

Thank you to all who have donated and/or volunteered their time.

You will be rewarded!!


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