The Flooding of Drift

The Flooding of Drift
As the waters went down, we realise the loss

23 January 2011

It's Just $5.00! But together, it is rebuilding a dream!

Some are still asking, how is it that Drift didn't have insurance... No one would insure them, because the restaurant was directly on the water.  Most businesses that have been flooded in Brisbane couldn't get flood insurance... and those that could, it was just far too dear.

This flood has effected so many, and in even more devastating ways, such as losing a loved one, which cannot be fixed or brought back.  To all those who have lost someone, my heart and feelings of love go out to you.  To those who have had homes, cars, businesses and cherished items destroyed, my sympathy goes out to you as well... and this is where we must help each other to rebuild, repurchase or salvage the things in life that we do care about...

Drift is what I am choosing to help, because I know how much this dream means to David, the Drift team and all the many people who have been there. I refuse to allow such an amazing place with such potential to die! I urge all those who have dined at Drift or been touched by the stories, news, video footage or articles about Drift to donate... JUST $5... from all over the world!

The Drift name is now worldwide... PLEASE keep it going!  Now is the time to do something, something seemingly so small... send $5 and pass this information to everyone you know!
Let David and the team at Drift know that you care... or that you at lease acknowledge their loss!

Keep the Drift dream alive.


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