The Flooding of Drift

The Flooding of Drift
As the waters went down, we realise the loss

07 February 2011

An Update from David at Drift...

I feel it best to just allow the words that David wrote, to let media know what is happening, speak for itself:

I'm very aware that the past three weeks have been so unpredictable, chaotic and at times overwhelming, but there comes a time when I stand still.

After days of flooding and destruction, Drift was overrun with amazing volunteers. Shovelling, sweeping, tearing up floors and walls and stripping the venue to her bare bones to remove debris and mud.

Reports by professionals have been completed with the all clear given that we can rebuild. I requested an interview with the Premier's office early this week and met with Ken Smith the Director General, David Hourigan the Executive Director Economic Policy and Stephen Beckett Deputy Chief of Staff to discuss the next step forward and also to review the decisions made before, during and after the flood.

With the outcome of the meeting being 3 fold;
1.    I have been instructed to seek legal consultation on the content of the formal submission and will request legal counsel on the best way to move forward.
2.    The formal submission will be a summary of events from 11th Jan to 18th Jan which will be based on our account of events surrounding the flood event, preventative actions, statutory authority involvement and directions given.
I also aim to include a synopsis of likely costs for reconstruction of the building, interior fit-out and restocking for reopening of the business, with the construction being in accordance with local au thority, BCC requirements, Building Code of Australia, Liquor Licensing & Health Regulations.
3.    Due to the inevitable hiatus in the ability of the restaurant to operate and generate income, so as to help support smaller businesses that rely on Drift and because of the size of the business and constraints around monies being available for larger small businesses, an offer of guidance will be given from within the Economic Development Department on the best process for me to lodge paperwork for flood relief grants or from the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal or similar financial assistance or loan as soon as possible.

Slowly everything is being taken out of my hands, for someone else to decide the fate of Drift’s future. There always will remain the hope and belief that somehow, the dedication and love for her will eventually see her rebuilt.

For now, I must look toward creating inroads into what appears the unknown at this point and endeavour to find an alternative form of income and hopefully create employment for some of my staff.

My intention in the next few days is to find that opportunity.

Queensland has been hit so hard, now a cyclone has added to the rising cost of rebuilding a huge state. My awareness of the ongoing ‘tough’ days ahead of thousands of Australians is close to my heart with my own reality at this time being survival, and a positive acceptance that all will be dealt with, albeit in time.

I am so grateful to the media for the overwhelming support, to friends and strangers who have became familiar faces in my life over the many days of continuous hard labour. I would also like to thank a small group of dedicated people who have been working with me to finalise the present situation, for someone to now decide the fate of Drift’s future.


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