The Flooding of Drift

The Flooding of Drift
As the waters went down, we realise the loss

30 January 2011

5 Dollars!!!

Is it not enough?  Is it too much?  Does it seem like if you only donate 5 dollars, it's not enough to make it worth it?   IT IS!!!   If you would only see that the smallest amount does make a difference if enough people do the same... it will make a world of difference. 

I don't know how to stress enough the difference you can make.... if you only direct deposit $5... and ask your friends to do the same.....

This is all I ask, for the help of an amazing place that was just on the verge of making it!!! But it was all taken away!!!  Please just consider the small amount that can make a huge difference!

Thank you to all who have donated and/or volunteered their time.

You will be rewarded!!


27 January 2011

If You Haven't Seen the Volunteer Tribute Video... Please watch and Email the Link to Everyone You Know!

The cleanup of Drift definitely was a massive effort from so many selfless people.... truly a sight to see, hundreds of people working side by side... never having met before, but completely dedicated to one purpose and cause! 

People from all walks of like, all religious beliefs, all ethnic backgrounds, all ages.... the volunteer efforts have been incredible, and I feel privileged to have been one of them.

Now comes the second phase, which is the rebuilding... and this is where David and the Drift Team need your help!!!  If you weren't able to volunteer, please take 5 minutes to Mail a cheque or Direct Deposit just $5.....THEN email this blog link to 10 of your friends and ask them to do the same!
It's truly that simple.... 5 minutes & 5 dollars!

Your help is vital to getting Drift back on it's feet and rolling on the river!



23 January 2011

It's Just $5.00! But together, it is rebuilding a dream!

Some are still asking, how is it that Drift didn't have insurance... No one would insure them, because the restaurant was directly on the water.  Most businesses that have been flooded in Brisbane couldn't get flood insurance... and those that could, it was just far too dear.

This flood has effected so many, and in even more devastating ways, such as losing a loved one, which cannot be fixed or brought back.  To all those who have lost someone, my heart and feelings of love go out to you.  To those who have had homes, cars, businesses and cherished items destroyed, my sympathy goes out to you as well... and this is where we must help each other to rebuild, repurchase or salvage the things in life that we do care about...

Drift is what I am choosing to help, because I know how much this dream means to David, the Drift team and all the many people who have been there. I refuse to allow such an amazing place with such potential to die! I urge all those who have dined at Drift or been touched by the stories, news, video footage or articles about Drift to donate... JUST $5... from all over the world!

The Drift name is now worldwide... PLEASE keep it going!  Now is the time to do something, something seemingly so small... send $5 and pass this information to everyone you know!
Let David and the team at Drift know that you care... or that you at lease acknowledge their loss!

Keep the Drift dream alive.


21 January 2011

If You and TEN of Your Friends Donate Just $5.00...

... the difference that can make, will be worth ten's of thousands!
My dear friend David Moore, owner of Drift, and all of his staff have lost their pride and joy... a restaurant, jetty cafe and event centre, all in the devastating blow that was the 2011 Brisbane Flood.
David's dream was to bring a dining and live entertainment venue back into Brisbane. He had nothing but faith and determination to succeed and make Drift into an amazing place. He had to overcome major financial hurdles as well as redefine the tired venue's former poor reputation.

All within the one year, the Drift team toiled and struggled, but step after step they brought the venue to a place where they were able to win Brisbane's Best New Restaurant 2010 (for 100+ seating). Then with the success of an extremely busy Christmas Season and an amazing New Year's Eve Party, the year ended on such a high note, we couldn't have been more grateful.

I had dinner with David, his partner and a couple of friends on Sunday 9th of January at Drift, and we all had the same content feeling that 2011 could only be an incredible year, and we felt so blessed....   little did we know, only 2 days later the restaurant would be almost entirely covered (or parts washed away) by the sludge ridden waters of the Brisbane River.

All the hard work, and when I say hard... that is NO EXAGGERATION!!  Believe it or not, the money to start Drift didn't exist, they made changes to the restaurant with whatever moneys they earned or could find from friends and family.  Over 250 Chairs were hand sanded, painted, glazed and reupholstered all by Drift staff and management. Walls were painted by staff, all interior decorating ended up being done by themselves. Blood, sweat and tears is definitely a honest reflection of their labor.

Stay tuned, as I will tell you more stories of the remarkable David and Drift on this Blog Page... But Please DONATE! 

If you pass this on to 5 of your friends and ask for only $5, and they send it to 5 of their friends... in NO TIME at all, we can get Drift the money to help rebuild Drift.