The Flooding of Drift

The Flooding of Drift
As the waters went down, we realise the loss

27 January 2011

If You Haven't Seen the Volunteer Tribute Video... Please watch and Email the Link to Everyone You Know!

The cleanup of Drift definitely was a massive effort from so many selfless people.... truly a sight to see, hundreds of people working side by side... never having met before, but completely dedicated to one purpose and cause! 

People from all walks of like, all religious beliefs, all ethnic backgrounds, all ages.... the volunteer efforts have been incredible, and I feel privileged to have been one of them.

Now comes the second phase, which is the rebuilding... and this is where David and the Drift Team need your help!!!  If you weren't able to volunteer, please take 5 minutes to Mail a cheque or Direct Deposit just $5.....THEN email this blog link to 10 of your friends and ask them to do the same!
It's truly that simple.... 5 minutes & 5 dollars!

Your help is vital to getting Drift back on it's feet and rolling on the river!



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  1. Why don't you set up a PayPal account? It's a lot quicker and safer to use and people tend to use that because it's quicker and easier than writing out a cheque and sending it off.