The Flooding of Drift

The Flooding of Drift
As the waters went down, we realise the loss

15 February 2011

So where does anyone suffering from the flood go from here?

Now is the waiting game.... and unfortunately the waiting is the hardest part. Yes to see everything fall apart, to be washed away, to find mounds of sludge everywhere and to have to take a breath and work, work, work to get everything cleaned up.  The adrenaline kicks in and you keep going, and you keep the hope that somewhere, somehow, someone will pick up the ball and tell you where the rebuilding help will come from.

But where... when?  The hardest part is the waiting game. Do they give up on a business that was finally doing better than it had ever done... in it's history? Do they start to realise that you have to move on and find other resources of income in order to survive, and give up on their dream?  These are the questions that, unfortunately, come up in a business owners mind when everything is lost and there is NOW nothing more that they can do.

Where is their help? Where is the justice? Who's to blame? Who isn't? This all goes through the thoughts of many...

BUT, there is still hope... hope that things will work themselves out, that somewhere, somehow the tides will turn (as this catastrophe did) somehow they will "know it's gonna pass, like bad weather" and financial help will come to allow everyone to get back to normal.

LET THE WAITING STOP!!! Help, Help, Help.... and whomever knows that this tragedy could have been avoided, step up and help!

$5 still helps them to push forward and fight to get back, what was taken from them.

Thank you all again for your donations!!!  David and the Drift team are, and will be, forever grateful.

Jenny  xoxo

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